Monday, December 17, 2012

:33 < what a curious message :oo

*The young cat troll stretches, smoothing down her dress  as she stands nervously in front of her matesprites hive. She hasn’t been here before and it shows; she bites her lip nervously as she scrapes her shoe along the ground. She hopes too that she hasn’t dressed too formerly either - that would be a disaster!
Swallowing, she pads up to the front door and knocks, waiting patiently to be let in*

Posted on December/17/2012
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    She laughs and joins her matesprit in the blankets. She lets herself sink for a bit, before reaching for Nepeta and...
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    Nepeta’s eyes lit up as her eyes scanned over the red sofa bed. “Its perfect!” She giggled, running over and climbing...
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